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Moth Creaturae

Moth Creaturae Oak 'Walrus' Chopping Board

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The quality of a chopping board could easily be dismissed when it comes down to the price tag attached to it.

But high quality pieces such as this Moth Creaturae Oak ‘Walrus’ Chopping Board are the perfect way to dress up any tired kitchen or table top.

The shine you can see on the surface of the board is down to fine sanding at various grades up to 2500 grit. This board is smoother than Barry White, and at 18” x 12” it is a Walrus compared to lesser boards.

The Chopping Board takes its name and inspiration from the Tusks of a Walrus. A Walrus uses its long rounded Tusks to dig into a hard surface to help pull its self out of the water; and the long rails cut into each side of the Chopping Board have rounded ends but squared edges to help you grip it when carrying it.